$27 Apple iPhone & Safety Course

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$27 Apple iPhone Course - Updated Weekly!!


Learn iPhone Features for Safety!

Welcome to the Tammy & Friends iPhone & Safety Course!  It is perfect for the Seniors, travelers runners, cyclers, students....anyone in your life!
If you like this, please do take a look at our Membership Program at TammyAndFriendsApp.com
We will be updating the course with the latest iOS systems and iPhone and iPad models.
  • How to Set Up Your Medical ID on Your Health App
  • How to Set Up Your SOS details 
  • How To Use Your AirDrop App 
  • How to Use Your Messages App
  • How to Maximize Your Battery Life
  • How to Make a Passcode Lock
  • How To Use Your Maps App
  • How To Set Up Your iCloud Account 
  • How to Use the Compass App 
  • How to Use the Clock App
  • How to Set Up Find My iPhone
  • How to Set ups Hot Spot Wi-Fi Connection
  • How to Use Voice Memos App
  • How to Use the Camera App
  • How to Use the iBooks App
  • How to Use the Life 360 App
  • How to Make Calls On Your iPhone
  • How to Utilize Accessibility for Disabilities 


What People Are Saying:

““As a retired teacher, I am aware of the skills required to present to a large audience with a wide variety of learning styles. Tammy demonstrated knowledge and practice in reaching a variety of learning styles, and is proficient in differentiated instruction. She effectively connects with her audience using humor, and common experiences in an effort to illustrate her main ideas. Teaching technology to a varied audience presents many obstacles. Many folks are threatened by technology, and not easily able to connect with the message. Tammy is able to break through this barrier which is actually quite extraordinary. It places her in an elite group of technology teachers in my opinion Superintendent of Public Instruction, Washington State” ”

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